Opencart Advanced Booking Reservation Discount

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Opencart Advanced Booking Reservation Discount


Opencart, 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

Last updated

30 Sep 2020


25 Apr 2017

Developed by Opencart partner

3 Months free support

Documentation included

Opencart Advanced Booking Reservation Discount is an add-on of Opencart Advanced Booking Reservation System using which admin can add discounts on booking and reservation products, here admin can add weekend based discount, quantity-based discount and festive days based discount. Using this add-on admin can alter the price of the particular slot or set the particular slot as closed.

How to check this module?

- For checking the admin panel of the module, you can click on the "Demo" button then in the header, you need to click on the “Back End”.

- After login, you can check for the module's configuration by navigating to-- Extensions > Modules > Discount for Booking and Reservation.

- You can see Select Weekend days For Weekends Discount, Create The Festive Days, Applicable Discount, Discount Priority and Show Details on Global Setting. 

- You can apply the discount on all type of booking & reservation products. To apply discount go to Booking & Reservation->Manage Discount and Cost. Select the product on which you want to add the discount.

- For admin login, you have to use these credentials

        - Username : demo

        - Password: demo

- For checking the customer view, you can click on the "Demo" button.

- You can see the discount details at the product page.

-  You can check the details of discount by clicking on ‘Discount Details’ tab a pop up will show up under which you can see all the details selected by admin at the time of configuration.

- For One Booking For Many Days, only quantity-based discount can be applied, so you will only able to see one discount type and cost of all the slots available.

- For Customer Time-Based Booking, you can see discount types and details which are applicable to the product.

- For customer login, you have to use these credentials

       - Username : [email protected]

       - Password : demo