Opencart Ordered Product Review

  • Opencart Ordered Product Review
  • Ordered Product Review is an amazing module for Opencart which allows the customers to write reviews for the products ordered. Once the customer successfully places the order, it can go to Order History section and submit a review for the ordered product. The customer can also provide ratings with the product review. The admin can show the desired number of products after the checkout process has been completed by the buyers. The admin can add, edit, delete ordered products reviews from the back-end. Only one review per product can be submitted by the customers. Reviews & ratings will automatically appear on the product page, after the approval of the admin.


How to check this module?

- For checking the admin panel of the module, you can click on the "Demo" button then in the header, you need to click on the “Back End”.

- After login, you can check for the module's configuration by navigating to-- Extensions > Extensions > Modules > Ordered Product Review.

- For admin login, you have to use these credentials

        - Username : demo

        - Password: demo

- For checking the customer view, you can click on the "Demo" button.

- After successfully placing the order, the buyers can view the more products under the heading set by the admin. These additional products are shown on the basis of following conditions:

- First, the products purchased by other customers who bought the same ordered product.

- Second, the products that are related to the ordered products are shown.

- Third, the products from the same ordered product category can also be seen here.

- Last, random products from the store are displayed on the page.

- The buyer can submit reviews once the order has been placed successfully.

- For customer login, you have to use these credentials

        - Username :

        - Password: demo

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