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30 Sep 2020


12 Jul 2019

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Opencart Multi Vendor Amazon S3 Extension :With this extension, the seller with ease can upload files from their local server to Amazon Server. After the product is being uploaded from the seller end or from the admin end and gets saved successfully then the link gets generated on the Amazon server It is based on Amazon CDN (Content Delivery Network) which stores multiple copies of content on various servers and distribute the data dynamically to the requesting client so the data can be delivered fast and efficiently.

How to check this module?

- For checking the admin panel of the module, you can click on the "Demo" button then in the header, you need to click on the “Back End”.

- After login, you can check for the module's configuration by navigating to-- Extensions > Extensions > Modules > Multi-vendor amazon s3

- Admin can see all blogs and comments.

- For admin login, you have to use these credentials

        - Username : demo

        - Password: demo

- For checking the seller view, you can click on the "Demo" button.

- For seller login, you have to use these credentials

        - Username : [email protected]

        - Password: demo